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Bereavement Support for Early Pregnancy Loss


Brief Overview of Situation

When babies are lost in later term pregnancies, keepsakes are made and given to the parents. However, for pregnancies ending before 16 weeks, mementos usually cannot be made because the babies are too small.

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The Foundation was informed of the opportunity to provide additional support for grieving parents and funded a grant to purchase mementos to be given to those who have suffered an early term miscarriage.

“The feedback from providing these hearts to grieving parents has been tremendous. Nurses are also impacted by the ability to give something tangible to patients to take home to memorialize their baby.”

Chelsey Hedglin, Perinatal Chaplain, Midtown

Dive Deeper into the Problem that Ascension Helped Solve

Patients who are experiencing early miscarriages are seen by our OB nurses and given loss/bereavement support. Part of this support now includes baby rings and cards with seed paper. Grieving parents can plant the seeds in memory of their little one as a tangible memento. This can be a very meaningful experience for the bereaved parents. Families have been deeply moved by the gesture.

What is happening today?

Before the opening of the new Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency (OB-GYN ED) at Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown, pregnant patients under 16 weeks would go to the regular ED. Now, all pregnant women receive care in the OB-GYN ED no matter their pregnancy gestation. Providing bereavement support is an extra layer of love and compassion, which lives into our commitment to the loving ministry of Jesus as healer.

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